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How to Get Hydrated Fast: How Ee Hydration Works Fast

Get Hy with us! Yes, you read that right. We Get Hy all day, every day. “Hy”drated with Essential elements® Hydration, that is. We all know how important drinking water is, especially if you’re an active person. Sometimes though, water just isn’t enough. You’ve gotta have those crucial electrolytes to keep everything balanced. We made it easy to get them right when you need them, in a form that tastes great and doesn’t leave you with a sugar crash later. It’s all you need to Get Hy and Stay Hy all day long!

What Is Ee Hydration?

We put together an invigorating blend of electrolytes in a flavor-packed, easy-to-use powder you can take anywhere. Whether you’re mountain climbing or just popping into the gym for a quick workout, Hydration goes where you go and gives you what you need. With healthy levels of electrolytes along with apple cider vinegar, it's got that spark and zest that excites your taste buds and strengthens your endurance

Each packet contains 800 mg vitamin C, 1500 mg ACV, 400 mg potassium, and other electrolytes. We’ve got three rad flavors to choose from, and they all have zero sugar. That’s right, zilch. 

We made this potent blend to get you hydrated as quickly as possible. With excellent absorption, more than simple preparation (it literally can’t get much easier), and on-the-go packets for anywhere, anytime-Hydration will get you, Hy, when you need it most.

What Makes Hydration Work?

The science behind Hydration is built on the foundation of cell physiology. We matched the body’s needs with a dynamic combination of the right electrolytes to get them into the cells where it’s really needed. For water to be absorbed into the cell, it needs to be the right ratio of specific minerals, or the cell membrane can’t take them in. 

Essential elements' Hydration products

Hydration is quick to mix into water and quick to absorb. It’s an incredible mixture without the added sugar that you will find in most sports drinks. Sugar can actually make you more dehydrated, so we can’t figure out why they put so much of it in most of the sports drinks that are available. We also don’t use any artificial colorants and instead opt for things like beet juice and blue spirulina. The ingredients we put in Hydration are extraordinary, but it's also what we don’t put in there that makes a big difference.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Why put apple cider vinegar in an electrolyte drink mix? It provides all kinds of health benefits, and it’s a source of electrolytes all on its own. It has a zingy, refreshing taste when mixed up in the right ratio, and we put just the perfect amount in Hydration so it doesn’t overpower the flavor. ACV is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes and has been used throughout history to support health in various ways. ACV aids in healthy weight management, so a lot of people use it alongside their workouts to help them reach their health goals. It also promotes heart health, skin health, gut health, and healthy blood sugar, so the addition of ACV is a great way to elevate health in many ways besides the important hydrating features.


Maintaining the right levels of electrolytes is vital. Too much of any one electrolyte will cause problems just as much as not having enough. Every electrolyte mineral plays a special role in and around the cells, which are all fundamental to health. Electrolytes have an electrical charge, speeding up or slowing down electrical activity within and around the cell. Neutral molecules can’t bring fluid in or out without additional help, and the body needs negatively and positively charged molecules or ions to move the fluids. Hydration has the right electrolytes in the right ratio to supercharge the hydration in the cells throughout the body. 

friends enjoying Essential elements' Hydration products


We all know too much sodium can lead to health problems, but it’s one of the most important electrolytes out there. It acts as a positively charged ion and is found in abundance in the extracellular fluid. For sodium to get into the cell, there has to be the right ratio of sodium and potassium, and it’s actively taken up into the cell by special mechanisms that allow it to cross the cell membrane. Salt is lost at a rapid rate when we sweat, so it constantly needs to be replaced. So it's ok to get a little salty; just make sure it's not too salty. 


Chloride is a negatively charged ion that is also found in the extracellular fluid. It’s especially important for the health of epithelial cells found on surfaces throughout the body, such as skin, blood vessels, and the urinary tract. These cells act as a barrier and filter while secreting mucus, enzymes, and fluids, which keep these tissues healthy. As an electrolyte, chloride helps maintain fluid levels and helps preserve acid/alkalinity within the cells and the body


Potassium is an essential mineral found in the cell fluid and, just like sodium, has a positive charge. It’s the main electrolyte found within the cell, whereas sodium is the most abundant electrolyte outside of the cell. They have an interdependent relationship and are largely responsible for the exchange of fluids going in and out of the cell. 

Essential elements' Hydration products

Potassium also helps the body remove excess sodium and maintain proper fluid and blood volume levels. This mineral is necessary for muscle contraction, helping to keep up endurance and muscle strength, so you don’t want to let your levels get low, especially before or after physical activity.

Buffered Vitamin C

We all know vitamin C is great for the immune system, but why is it important in an electrolyte blend?

As a water-soluble vitamin, vitamin C travels alongside electrolytes in the fluids throughout the body. It’s often used by athletes because when you sweat, you lose vitamin C too. It’s a great addition before or after a workout to help encourage quicker muscle recovery. It’s essential for collagen in the body. Vitamin C supports endurance and energy and is the perfect complement to the electrolytes found in Hydration.

How to Get Hydrated Fast

The best way to fight dehydration is prevention. Making sure you are getting enough electrolytes on a daily basis will help you avoid getting to the point of feeling dehydrated and help your cells retain the proper levels of electrolytes inside and around every cell in the body. Eating a lot of fruits and veggies can help, as well as drinking plenty of water throughout the day. 

Essential elements' Hydration products are great for a beach day

If you get to the point where you might be experiencing common dehydration symptoms, it’s vital that you get hydrated fast to avoid further problems resulting from dehydration. Sometimes water just isn’t enough, especially if you have lost too many electrolytes already. The cells are dependent on getting the right levels of sodium, potassium, and other electrolytes, and their proportions will determine how quickly you are able to get rehydrated.

To use Hydration, simply open the stick pack, add it to 16-20 fluid ounces of water, and stir or shake. The amount of water you add will depend on how much flavor you like. We suggest starting with the lower amount of 16 ounces and if it tastes too strong, increase the amount until you have found the perfect amount of flavor for you. As you may know, more is not always best, so stick within the recommended amount each day, so you aren’t overdoing it. You can even drink some before, during, and after your workout or a little throughout the day to ensure proper hydration whether or not you are doing any intense activities.

You can also mix Hydration into various combinations other than water and get creative with adding it to mixed drinks, fruit smoothies, juices, or even hydrating popsicles. There really is no limit!

The Essential Element

Of course, it’s best to Stay Hy all the time, but sometimes life gets in the way, and we forget to prioritize our hydration. Luckily with Essential elements® Hydration stick packs, you can Get Hy quickly when you need it and keep your cells happy and healthy. Everyday life, even just sitting on the couch, uses up precious fluids, so you’ve got to constantly provide your body with all the right electrolytes. With three exciting flavors, Yuzu-Lime, Watermelon-Cucumber, and Blue Raspberry Lemonade, you are sure to find one you can’t live without, or maybe you will love them all.

How to Get Hydrated Fast: How Ee Hydration Works Fast