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How to Prep for This Year’s Musical Festival

Are you getting fired up for this year’s music festivals? We can’t wait! It’s all about getting wild, flying free, and rocking out all day and all night. Since we have been on the music festival scene for a while now, we’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. It can be fun to just go along for the ride and end up wherever the adventure takes you, but pre-planning a few things can make your festival experience even better.

Get the Most Out of Your Festival Experience

Sure, it’s a non-stop party atmosphere, but in all the exhilarating chaos, people tend to forget to pay attention to basics like drinking water or wearing sunscreen. This can turn into a mere inconvenience or can even make your good time come to a crashing halt. Avoid those kinds of mistakes by planning ahead for yourself and your friends so that everyone can have the most sensational festival experience.

Here are a few of our top Do's and Don'ts for attending this year’s music festivals.

Do stay hydrated. This should be at the top of any festival goers to-do list. Pack water if it’s allowed, and make sure you bring some electrolytes along too. 

Do make new friends and reconnect with old ones. Enjoy the community aspect of the festival and take time to bond with those around you.

Don't be on your phone the whole time! Get the complete IRL experience. You don’t have to post everything as it happens. Save that for later and fully immerse yourself in every moment.

Don’t try to see and do everything. Leave some time to rest, and make sure you prioritize the most important things.

security at a music festival

Getting Through Security

Take a look at the festival’s rules so you know what you can and can’t bring in. This will speed up your time getting through the security line and help you avoid having to abandon your stuff to get in. Things to check ahead of time are whether they allow outside food or drinks, glass containers, pets, coolers, and over-the-counter medicines such as aspirin. You may also be required to have clear backpacks or purses to get in. Obviously, weapons are not allowed, but many will also prohibit personal safety items such as mace.

Browse the Schedule Ahead of Time

Make a list of your must-sees and maybes. If you are going with a group, you can avoid arguments or confusion by discussing this ahead of time. You don’t have to plan out the entire line-up, but make sure you won’t miss your favorite groups by knowing when and where they will be performing. Get a map and take a look at how far the stages are from each other in case you want to catch back-to-back shows that are on opposite ends of the festival grounds. 

What to Wear

Dress comfortably! It can be tempting to dress in your most outrageous outfit or put on those stunning heels, but you’ve got to choose something that will not be irritating to wear for an extended period of time. Wear breathable clothes and your most comfortable shoes, or bring an extra pair so you can switch it up when you need to. 

Dress in layers so you can adjust to the temperature around you. Bring a wide-brimmed hat, especially if you are going to a desert festival. Be sure to pack a jacket in case the nights get chilly, or it rains.

woman dancing at a music festival

What to Bring

We’ve got a detailed Festival Survival Kit Guide, complete with a full list of must-haves for any music festival, but here is a quick list of things to be sure to grab before you go. You want to pack light, but you’ve also got to be prepared for various circumstances you may find yourself in.

♦ Water/water bottle
♦ Snacks — travel foods such as grapes, string cheese, trail mix, and protein bars
♦ Sunscreen
♦ Sunglasses
♦ First aid kit
♦ Phone charger and/or portable power bank
♦ Hand sanitizer
♦ Deodorant/toothbrush (if you are staying more than a day)
♦ Bandana

Camping Essentials

If you are going to camp out, take a look at what the festival will have available. Will they have showers or running water? If not, pack some wet wipes to clean the dirt & sweat off of yourself at the end of the day. Will there be food available, or do you need to bring something to cook with? If you are staying more than one night, be prepared to bring more necessities. If you really want to go all out, you can dress up your camping space with tapestries, pillows, and solar string lights to set the vibe and have a cozy place to rest. Desert camping is very different from forest camping, so think about the environment you will be camping in and adjust your gear accordingly. 

camping grounds at a music festival

Make sure you check each festival's list of allowed items, as they vary.

♦ Sleeping bag
♦ Tent
♦ Chairs
♦ Picnic blanket
♦ Towels
♦ Portable canopy
♦ Solar shower (if necessary)
♦ Extra water
♦ Toilet paper
♦ Earplugs (only if you want to get some sleep!)
♦ Flashlight and/or headlamp
♦ Plates and utensils if you plan on cooking
♦ Portable grill or other cooking devices, if allowed
♦ Biodegradable dish and/or hand soap
♦ Insect repellent 
♦ Cooler with ice or frozen water bottles (if allowed)

How to Feel Good the Morning After

When you party, your body has to deal with a lot, so do yourself a favor and take a few preventative measures so it doesn’t hit you so hard. It can be tempting to stay up all night but try to give yourself enough time to sleep it off to reset and refresh yourself for the next day. Even if you aren’t drinking alcohol, your body will need extra hydration at these kinds of events. Dancing, sweating, being in the sun all day, probably getting very little sleep, eating on the go, and various intoxicating substances all use up your electrolytes at a much quicker rate. Make sure you make Getting Hy(drated) and Staying Hy a part of your pregame activities!

Essential elements Hydration

Here are a few ways to keep the party going.

♦ Drink lots of water and replace your electrolytes before, during, and after. 

♦ Take a B vitamin or multivitamin before you go, or bring some with you if allowed.

♦ Bring/eat some vitamin C fruits such as oranges or watermelon.

♦ Eat plenty. Don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach, and try to get plenty of carbs and protein. Salty foods can also be helpful. Skip the greasy or fried foods if possible.

♦ If you drink alcohol, choose light beer and other light-colored alcohol. 

♦ Drink coffee or tea in the morning. 

The Essential Element

Even if you are a seasoned festival goer, it’s hard to think of everything. Your festival experience will be unforgettably thrilling if you can prep in advance to have everything you need to ensure it’s the best time ever. Getting Hy and Staying Hy is the perfect complement to a music festival, so don’t forget to pack Ee’s Hydration. No matter which festival you attend, how long you stay, or whether or not you camp out, you will need electrolytes! It’s a great idea to pack extra and share with friends or people you meet so you can Get Hy with everyone around you.

How to Prep for This Year’s Musical Festival