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Creating a Health-Focused Workout Plan (That Works)

Are you ready for a health-focused workout plan that will help you accomplish your goals? Of course, you are! Guess what? We’ve got the tools you need to do that and to be successful. Check it out.

Throw Out Other Workouts

The first thing you'll need to do is take a good look at which workouts you’re interested in, which you already like, and which you don’t even want to bother with or that just won’t work for you. When thinking of these workouts, you want to keep in mind a schedule that already works with you, not one that you’ll have to change to fit with your new routine. Think of it this way; if you’re someone who can’t get out of bed in the morning no matter how hard you try, then it’ll be harder to be that person who goes for a run, does a spin class, tries a fitness hack, etc. first thing at 6 am. 

Whatever you do, it’s not a good idea to force yourself to do workouts you don’t like or that you can’t do because of your schedule. You want to maximize the chance that you can stay consistent with your schedule. 

We highly encourage you to take the wisdom and the parts of other workout plans that you like and turn them into your own, customized workout plan – one that you’ll stick to. Create a weekly schedule around times that work, and start off slowly. Your plan is for the long haul here, so pick and choose what you like and what works.

Let Us Help

We want you to succeed; that’s what we’re all about. It’s also why we’ve created all the supplements you need to get you through your workout with more energy, proper hydration throughout your workout, and protein to build you back up when you’re done. From pre-workout to the actual workout to the post-workout, we’re here to help – just like a workout buddy.

Essential elements PreWorkout With Beets & ACV


Get started with our PreWorkout With Beets & ACV. This powder supplement promotes exercise endurance, supports healthy circulation, comes with immune-supporting vitamin C, and features a healthy and fresh beet apple cider flavor. 

This combination of ingredients is designed to give you electrolytes to promote hydration, nutrients to aid your body's health, and a caffeine blend that won’t make you jittery but will promote your energy for a great workout. Increased stamina comes from greater energy, and the PreWorkout difference comes from nature-based energy.


Why call it anything else when what we’re aiming to do is add hydration to your workout? Our Hydration comes with apple cider vinegar to replenish those electrolytes you lose during your fitness regimen. It supplies you with antioxidants and immunity support and helps you stay hydrated.

Essential elements Hydration Variety pack with a woman at the beach

Hydration comes in a variety of flavors. Until you find one you prefer, or maybe just because you love variety, we suggest the variety pack so you can try all the delicious taste combinations. 

The science behind Hydration is really focused on the importance of electrolytes for hydration. If you don’t have enough of these water-attracting minerals in your body, then you don’t efficiently absorb water. Obviously, you’re not going to defeat your workout and eat a bag of salty chips while you’re trying to get fit, but you certainly can add to your water with Hydration and make the most of those mid-workout sips.


Your post-workout is just as important to your health as your pre-workout and staying hydrated during your favorite activities. In fact, it could actually be more important because recovery is a huge part of your fitness routine and supporting your health. That’s why you need protein. 

We have two different protein flavors to help you recover the way you want, with strength on your side. Not only that, but they’re plant-based, and they come in delicious flavors – Very Vanilla and Creamy Chocolate. Either option aids your workout performance, supports healthy muscle recovery, and ensures that you have all the protein you need to achieve your wellness goals.

Essential elements Creamy Chocolate Protein with an athlete

Just the Essentials

When you customize your workout to create a fitness approach that you actually enjoy doing and one that fits into your lifestyle, you’re more likely to succeed. If you are able to bridge that gap between your fitness goals and your life, then you’re well on your way to achieving the fitness level you want.

The next step? Getting the proper nutritional support gives you an advantage! Your body is designed to be active, but it needs certain elements, nutrition, and lots and lots of hydration to do that effectively. If you want to make the most of your fitness efforts, we suggest using our Pre-Workout to get your body ready to begin working with you. Then stick with one of our flavored Hydration mixes during your workout to keep that valuable water working for you. 

You’ve got the tools to hit your goals, and now all you need is to stick with it. We’ll be there the whole time to help you turn your determination and effort into success.

Creating a Health-Focused Workout Plan (That Works)