Location: Hawai'i
Sport: Surfing
Kauai-native Koa Smith is known for many things. Some of which include pro surfer, pipeline specialist, barrel of the year winner, tv personality, wellness entrepreneur, health-conscious consumer, ACV enthusiast, and HYdration hero with a hy-er than life personality.
He's surfed the globe, catching the world's most impressive waves and co-runs several health food shops in the states. Koa embodies the Ee brand by bringing fun, freedom, and athleticism to everything he does.
"The Essential elements crew is just a bunch of good people trying to make other humans feel better and be their best selves. I'm proud to be a part of this journey!" -Koa Smith
I freaking love ACV and it's one of my favorite tools. I usually have to drink it straight, which is rough! BUT you somehow figured out a way to make it taste good!

*Superstar athlete approved