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National Watermelon Day for Hydration

Who doesn’t love watermelon? It’s refreshing, it’s delicious, it’s healthy, and it’s low-calorie yummyness packed with hydration. And there’s an entire day dedicated to watermelons

Why Love the Watermelon?

Okay, so are watermelons really that good for you? Of course, the answer is yes. Not only are they tasty, but watermelons have healthy plant compounds, so they’re packed with nutrients, and they don’t have many calories. And the best thing is they’re pretty easy to incorporate in smoothies or frozen into treats, but they’re so delicious plain and fresh that most people prefer to eat them that way.

46 calories per cup. Because they’re mainly water, there aren’t a lot of calories, and they can be very filling.

Vitamin C. Our bodies can’t synthesize vitamin C, so it needs to be part of your regular diet to support collagen and connective tissue and as a powerful antioxidant.

Potassium. This mineral is found in many foods, which is good because it’s necessary for just about everything your body does.

Copper. Another mineral the body needs for proper function and health, including creating energy and maintaining your immune system.

Vitamin B5. Also known as pantothenic acid, vitamin B is an important part of turning food into energy. It also breaks down fat. 

Vitamin A. Your vision, immune system, and ability to reproduce all rely on vitamin A. There are two types of vitamin A, and the one found in watermelon is called provitamin A.

Citrulline. The word citrulline comes from the Latin word Citrullus, which means watermelon. It is a non-essential amino acid, detoxifies ammonia, promotes healthy blood vessels, and is an antioxidant.

Lycopene. This is what makes watermelon red, and it’s packed with antioxidant properties.

Cucurbitacin E. This compound has antioxidant properties.

Water. More than 90% of a watermelon is water, making it a wonderful way to stay hydrated without guzzling tons of water.

Watermelon, cucumber, lime mocktail

Health Benefits of Watermelons

With all of those nutritional components, low-calorie count, and a massive amount of liquid, you should probably be eating more watermelon. To make a case for this large melon, let’s look at the many health benefits associated with them.

Hydration. Obviously, when the first part of your name is water, you’re going to be great at hydrating. While water is essential for all of your body’s organs and functions, it also helps you feel full, making watermelon a great diet food.

Maintain whole-body health. There have been a few studies on how the properties of watermelon could promote whole-body health, each one looking at different areas and benefits. 

Heart health. There isn’t a study that directly states watermelons are what you need to have a healthy heart, but many studies on the nutrients found in watermelons directly tie them to heart health. Some of the benefits include cholesterol support, healthy blood pressure, promotes flexibility in artery walls, support for blood vessels, and proper hydration for muscle function.

Support cognitive health. The lycopene in watermelon directly impacts brain health and may promote proper memory function.

Promote macular health. Lycopene is found in your eyes. It protects against common everyday stressors, making it a key nutrient as you get older when your eyes begin to lack this antioxidant

Athletic performance. So here’s something very interesting. If you’re serious about being fit and making the most out of your workouts, then watermelon might be one of your biggest allies. It enhances the absorption of citrulline, which reduces typical muscle soreness. 

Essential Elements watermelon-cucumber electrolyte mix with ACV

Why Try Hydration Watermelon-Cucumber?

To be perfectly honest, we love the taste of watermelon. It’s a delicious food that’s nature’s way of giving you hydration and nutrients. That’s why it’s the perfect flavor pairing with cucumber (another food we’re simply mad about) in our hydration mix. Each Hydration Watermelon-Cucumber bag contains 25 single-serving sticks. What do they give you? Well, the flavor benefits of watermelon for one, but you can also rely on the following:

♦ Replenished electrolytes

♦ Antioxidant and immunity support

♦ 800 mg of buffered vitamin C

♦ 1500 mg of Apple Cider Vinegar 

♦ Low Calorie and Zero-Sugar

Hydration Mix aims to give you recharging fuel that adds electrolytes and other nutritional elements to water. This helps you replenish what’s lost after a workout, and it gives you a bit more to help you stay energized throughout the day. And, quite frankly, the flavor tastes great.

The Essential Element

Watermelon gets its own day, and it’s well deserved! This hard-working fruit is packed with water, which helps your body rehydrate. Watermelon also has a ton of nutrients, and all of them have some health benefits for your body, or they’re required for regular function. 

We like the taste of watermelon so much that we’ve featured it (along with its friend the cucumber) in our Hydration Mix to give you the support you need to rehydrate after a workout, load your body with beneficial nutrients, and add that delightfully refreshing watermelon flavor.

National Watermelon Day for Hydration