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Hydration for a Night Out

Had a bit too much fun last night? Now what? 

Get Hy! (Hydrated with Ee Hydration, that is!)

We all know that feeling of regret when a night on the town turns into the next day spent in bed, with the lights dimmed, avoiding loud noises and maybe a little more grumpiness than usual.

A fun night out can quickly turn into a not-so-great morning if you get a little carried away and stay out too late or have a few too many rounds. There are a lot of tips and tricks to turn this around, but one strategy to feel good after a long night is to simply stay hydrated before, during, and after!

Why Hydrate Before Going Out

Taking a little advanced action to Get Hy before going out may help to avoid waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Just staying up late can cause people to awaken less hydrated. Add to that a rich meal, a few drinks, or a cup of coffee, and the body will need to be replenished and rehydrated. By taking steps to hydrate a little extra before meeting up with friends or going on what you hope will be a fantastic date, you can meet the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Drinks to Help Stay Hydrated

Putting a new spin on the idea of “pregaming” to include electrolytes may change the direction of your night and, ultimately, the way you feel the next day. Drinking lots of water beforehand, loading up on hydrating fruits & veggies, and getting some electrolytes in before the night begins, will help you avoid feelings of typical dehydration. It’s usually best to avoid super sugary sports drinks, which can be loaded with around eight teaspoons of sugar in one 20-ounce bottle! 

cocktails with fruit and fruit juice

Adding a little fresh fruit juice to your cocktails or mocktails, such as watermelon, cranberry, or orange juice, will also help offset any adverse effects resulting from your festivities. Other great options are coconut water, a quick smoothie with bananas, or a blended drink with pineapple, cherries, strawberries, or other favorite fruits with hydrating qualities. Avoid energy drinks, coffee-based beverages, and any high-sugar mixed drinks. You can also add an electrolyte drink mix powder, such as Hydration, to almost any drink, day or night, to keep you hydrated and feeling your best. We’ve also got some great Hydration recipes!

How to Hydrate After a Crazy Night

Sometimes all the best planning goes right out the window once you start having fun. To turn it around quickly, even if the night has gotten away from you, bring yourself back to feeling good by getting rehydrated. Try fresh juices, electrolyte drinks, and good old-fashioned water in between other drinks, at the end of the night, or the next morning to replenish your electrolytes. If you have a bit of an upset stomach or nothing sounds good, try Yuzu Lime Hydration with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper to help promote your appetite and curtail feelings of normal queasiness. 

Essential elements Yuzu Lime Hydration

The Essential Element

Thinking ahead isn’t always possible, as catching dinner with friends can quickly turn into an all-night event, but if you know you’re going to be up all night partying, dancing, or drinking, make it a part of the plan to get and stay Hy. Your future self will thank you for reducing the morning-after regrets that come along with overdoing it. Hydration makes it easy for you. All three flavors taste great, mix well into delicious drink combinations, and they are all sugar-free. Best of all, they come in little packets that you can bring along with you for those times when you just want to see where the night takes you.

Hydration for a Night Out