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Beets Forever: The Benefits You Need

So, the coolest vegetable out there right now is the beet. Seriously! It’s become a high-end ingredient in the best restaurants, it’s hailed as a superfood, and it’s a must for pre-workout supplements

But why, you might ask? As for restaurants, the answer may surprise you. As the farm-to-table and local sourcing trend exploded, root vegetables became a must. They’re easy to store and use year-round. They also grow just about anywhere, so it’s something restaurants around the globe can take advantage of.

The other reason beets have become such a hit is their vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Easily a superfood, they do much more than fuel the body; they can support a great workout. Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Beets

Do beets have all other vegetable beat? It turns out they come pretty close. By the way, you’ll sometimes see them referred to as beetroot, it’s the same thing, but beet is just a shortened version, like a nickname.

Dietary Nitrates

If you’ve been told to stay away from bacon because of the nitrates, then you’re probably wondering why they’re good when they’re in beets. It’s because they’re a preservative in bacon, but because they’re naturally occuring in beets, the body changes them into nitric oxide, which helps the blood flow and supports healthy blood pressure. It’s also believed that nitric oxide is what makes beets a stamina secret weapon


Everybody loves antioxidants. They’ve become the hero in the food world, and with good reason. Fighting everyday oxidation leads to heart, gut, and brain health. 

Athletic man enjoying a beet smoothie

Weight Management

Beets are packed with nutrition and fiber, which means they’ll fill you up, nourish you, and you’ll feel full longer. They are also extremely low in calories, so you can eat a lot and feel full and still not have consumed a lot of calories. But let’s be honest, they’re simply part of a healthy, plant-centric diet that can help you change your eating habits and consume fewer calories. Remember, eating beets isn’t going to erase the calories you ate when you went on that eating binge last night. 


This is huge because beets are packed with good stuff. Have you ever heard that the darker red a plant is, the more nutritional value it has? That might not be a hard and fast rule, but brightly colored fruits and vegetables are typically full of nutrition your body needs. Beets include protein, fiber, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, and iron. 

Supports Athletic Performance

Here’s the science, beets promotes the efficiency of mitochondria, which are responsible for fueling your cells with energy. What you do with that energy is up to you, but if you time your beet consumption right, you can use that energy to workout harder and more efficiently. This can make your workout more powerful. This brings us to why beets are so important in pre-workout supplements.

Essential elements PreWorkout With Beet & ACV

There aren’t many ingredients in our PreWorkout With Beet & ACV mix because there just doesn’t need to be. We only use the best ingredients, and even then, we only choose naturally derived and safe ones, which is why beets are a big part of the mix. 

Essential elements PreWorkout With Beet & ACV with fresh beets and a beet smoothie

PreWorkout combines beetroot, our special naturally derived caffeine blend, and apple cider vinegar which contains electrolytes. This expert formula fuels your body and helps you efficiently use the fuel you already have. Those wonderful nitrates give you energy and stamina while reducing everyday fatigue. They might take you from a good workout to your best workout ever. Add that sort of performance up over time, and you’re looking at an efficient way to feel strong and healthy.

The Essential Element

Don’t be surprised when you start seeing beets everywhere. In fact, it’s best to embrace them and love what they can do for your body. Whether you’re going to start adding them to salads or trying beet dishes in your favorite restaurants, or you’re going to push the envelope and begin making your workouts more meaningful by adding Essential elements PreWorkout. The benefits are clear, and they’re nothing to scoff at. 

When you put your health first and prioritize quality ingredients, it’s pretty clear that beets need to be a part of your life. They should definitely be a part of your fitness routine. As we like to say, it’s time to Turn Up the Beet!

Beets Forever: The Benefits You Need