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Should Runners Take PreWorkout?

You often hear that weightlifters and athletes should aid their performance with pre-workout supplements, but are they the only ones who can benefit? Of course not! In fact, runners can get plenty of benefits from making a pre-workout a part of their fitness habits too. Why? Because it promotes exercise endurance and helps keep your body hydrated, both can help aid the runner’s workout.

What Is PreWorkout?

PreWorkout by Essential elements® is all about preparing for your workout in the best way possible. It’s a proprietary blend of beets, apple cider vinegar, electrolytes, nutrients, and our special caffeine blend. Mixing PreWorkout with water before your next run helps your body prepare for the road by giving you energy and storing that energy efficiently while your muscle endurance is supported.

For many people, using PreWorkout means they have the energy they need to push themselves further and longer. This can help performance or extend runs, adding to your fitness and pushing you towards a new personal best. 

In addition, the electrolytes in PreWorkout help your body hold onto moisture and replenish it after a run. This can help you avoid some of the unwanted effects of being dehydrated.

Should You Take PreWorkout Before Your Run?

If you’re wondering if PreWorkout is good for running, the short answer is yes. It’s definitely something that can help promote endurance and power you through your run with more ease. 

There is even scientific evidence that supports the use of a pre-workout supplement. This study found that there were significant differences for people who ingested the pre-workout versus people who did not. 

If you’re considering taking PreWorkout, it’s best to consume it about 30 minutes before you begin to workout, so it has enough time to begin working effectively in the body. Not only will PreWorkout help you with that particular workout, but it can also help get you over a plateau. It has the power to make each workout mean more, which can lead you to a place your body has never been before. 

Should You Use PreWorkout Before Every Run?

How often you use PreWorkout is up to you. It makes sense to have PreWorkout on your side to make the most of your fitness efforts, making it easier and giving you more power to do more. 

But there’s a bigger reason to use PreWorkout regularly — it’s good for you. There are added nutrients, including the nitrates found in large amounts in beets. Nitrates help to circulate energy throughout your body, and beets are a popular superfood and an ingredient in PreWorkout.

Is PreWorkout Safe for Running?

Yes, PreWorkout is safe for running as long as you’re comfortable and are okay with consuming caffeine. As with all supplements, it’s important to discuss everything you take with your primary care physician. 

But to answer your question about taking a supplement designed to aid your workout before a run, why yes, it is. The same ingredients that give these supplements the power to support your weightlifting or sport-specific training can help with running too.

Possible Side Effects

One thing to consider when taking any pre-workout supplement is that there might be side effects. One of the core reasons that these supplements work is that they use caffeine to prepare the body for a workout and give you a little extra burst of energy. That said, caffeine can be difficult for some people to process and can cause irregular heart rhythms, a jittery sensation, and it can be uncomfortable. Like all side effects, these can happen to some people and

To try and combat this common complaint, our PreWorkout uses a naturally-sourced caffeine blend with matcha, coffee bean, and yerba mate powders that can be gentler on the body than other synthetic versions of caffeine. 

How Long Does PreWorkout Usually Stay In the Body?

Most of the ingredients in pre-workout mixes stay in the body for about four to six hours. This means that if you're feeling a little jittery, you won’t be that way for long. In fact, caffeine usually kicks in after about 30 minutes and hits its peak in one hour to an hour and a half, but you can still expect it to leave the system within four to six hours.

Why Is Ee PreWorkout the Best Option?

There are a lot of pre-workout products available, but we stand behind our product and believe it’s the best on the market. Why? Because we pride ourselves on only using the best ingredients. Our reputation means a lot to us, and we want our customers to have faith in everything we produce.

We think you’ll also find that our proprietary caffeine blend gives you the support you want without the side effects. Using apple cider vinegar for electrolytes is a safe way to get this moisture-loving nutrient in your body. Best of all — it doesn’t create a bad aftertaste. Finally, we love beets! You simply can’t beat them, and they’re a key part of a great workout.

The Essential Elements

Make the most of your workout by powering up beforehand with a pre-workout. Designed to help your body hold onto hydration and to capture it again when you’re done, a little PreWorkout preparation can support your body during and after your workout. 

The caffeine in the Essential elements PreWorkout blend is also a key component in adding a little extra to your run. Consuming this about a half hour before you hit the road will help support your endurance and make you more energized for some faster footwork. 

Selecting Essential elements® PreWorkout gives you the electrolytes you want without a bad aftertaste, a naturally-sourced blend of caffeine, and added nutrients to support circulation and health. So, to answer the question, does PreWorkout help with running – yes, and PreWorkout is the best option.

Should Runners Take PreWorkout?