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How to Get Rid of Pre-Workout Side Effects

Pre-workout mixes are all the rage and an important part of an optimized workout, but do you always have to feel so jittery after taking them? Here are the side effects to look out for, why they happen, and what you can do about them.

What Is a Pre-Workout Mix?

If this is new to you, it’s worthy of a little discussion and definition before we move on. Pre-workout mixes are a popular modern approach to workout supplements. They give you nutritional support before your workout, and they give you extra energy to exercise harder and longer.

Are All Pre-Workouts the Same?

Of course not. Some of them are riding the tide of popularity right now and offer you little more than a high-carb, caffeine-infused drink. Others, like Essential elements® PreWorkout Mix, put a lot of science and research into the ingredient line-up, so you get tons of benefits and none of the side effects.

Wait a minute! There are side effects to pre-workout supplements? Yep, some of them have pretty significant side effects that you’re going to want to stay away from. Let’s take a closer look.

Side Effects of Pre-Workout Supplements

Before we talk about the side effects that you could experience with a pre-workout supplement, it’s important to note that not every person nor every supplement is the same. Some people are more susceptible to side effects, and some products produce more of them. It all depends on the person and the ingredients they’re ingesting. 

woman using pre-workout supplement before her gym session

That said, some common pre-workout side effects are:

The Shivers or Jitters

Caffeine is a primary ingredient in many pre-workout mixes because it gives you a little energy support. If you want to avoid the shivers, which is the number one complaint, then the type of caffeine your mix includes is critical.

PreWorkout by Essential elements® removes this concern for you. It’s the synthetic caffeine that’s usually to blame, so we use only naturally-derived sources of caffeine. What are those sources, you ask? Matcha, coffee bean, and yerba mate powder. All things you’ve heard of and ingredients that give you energy for a longer workout.

Increased Water Retention

Ack – water weight is not something you want to deal with. What if that water weight gain came with gut and digestive issues? All of these things can happen with creatine consumption.

This side effect can be avoided by not taking creatine or minimizing the issue by knowing the proper dosages and knowing how creatine affects your body. What might be a normal dose for one person could be a bloat-inducing dose for another. Avoid it or learn what your body can handle.

Digestive Issues

We mentioned that creatine may cause some digestive issues, and you know that caffeine can create bathroom emergencies. Some pre-workout mixes also contain magnesium and sodium bicarbonate, increasing the risk of diarrhea in some people.

The best way to avoid having a bathroom issue during your workout is to pay attention to what ingredients bother you the most and avoid them. Diluting the ingredients with a glass of water can also lessen their effects on your stomach and bowels.

Essential elements Pre-Workout with Beet & ACV

Why Pick Essential Elements PreWorkout?

We’re all about finding out what works and sticking with it. We don’t want the extra ingredients that are bogus. And we know you feel the same way. That’s why we pick only the best ingredients that are sourced ethically and with the highest attention paid to purity and quality. Our key PreWorkout ingredients that will matter most to you are:

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a popular ingredient that comes with some potentially huge benefits. We like it because the naturally occurring electrolytes in ACV help with workout performance as much as a sports drink can.


We say Turn Up the Beet, and we mean it! The beet is an important source of nutrients and nitrates that give your blood vessels a super-friend during workouts. 

Naturally Derived Caffeine Blend

As mentioned above, naturally sourced caffeine far surpasses synthetic caffeine. It’s just good and gives you fewer shivers or jitters. Our blend helps your body use its stored fat more efficiently during your workout so your muscles can last longer. That’s right, longer workouts with more efficiency. Perfect for a workout supplement.

The Essential Element

Pre-workout mixes and supplements are a huge trend right now, mainly because they turn your regular workout into a super-workout. The problem is that not all of these pre-workout blends are the same, and some are quite inferior, delivering not-so-beneficial ingredients that can cause side effects.

If you value your workout, then selecting the right pre-workout is a big part of your new amplified approach to fitness. PreWorkout by Essential elements® wants to give you all the benefits you want with none of the side effects or downsides. That’s why we created a powerful blend of ingredients that each carry important properties. We also eliminated those with questionable results and the ones that cause side effects.

Our biggest brag point is that we have made it possible to overcome the shivers with a naturally derived caffeine blend rather than a synthetic one. Using matcha, coffee bean, and yerba mate powders, we have a solution that you’re going to love.

How to Get Rid of Pre-Workout Side Effects