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Valentine's Day Gummies and Hydration Recipes

Want to show your love with something that isn’t loaded with sugar? It’s ok to splurge sometimes, but with these recipes you can celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking any New Year’s resolutions or interfering with your health goals. These recipes feature our potent electrolyte drink mix, Hydration, so you can celebrate while you hydrate! Get Hy in the name of love!

Hydration Heart-Shaped Gummies Recipe


¾ cup hot/boiling water

2 tablespoons gelatin

2 Hydration stick packs, any flavor (we like Watermelon-Cucumber because it’s pink!)

¼ cup cold water

Optional—Heart shaped candy molds


Bring water to a boil in a small saucepan. Add gelatin and whisk or stir until fully dissolved. Add electrolyte powder and stir until dissolved. Add cold water, stirring to combine. Carefully pour into candy molds. As an alternative, you can pour the mixture into a small dish such as a casserole dish or bread pan and you can cut the gummies into squares. 

These are delicious and incredibly tempting, but don’t eat them all at once so you aren’t overloading on electrolytes. This recipe is meant to be shared! Also, make sure you drink extra water to go along with the assortment of electrolytes in the Hydration formula.

mini parfaits with homemade jello and whipped cream, topped with fresh fruits

Hydration Gelatin Parfait Recipe

1 cup hot/boiling water

2 tablespoons gelatin

2 Hydration stick packs, any flavor, but Watermelon-Cucumber is a good choice for V-day

2 cups cold water

Sliced strawberries and/or raspberries

1 cup whipped cream

Optional—For more flavor, replace ½ cup of cold water with pure tart cherry juice or pomegranate juice


Bring water to a boil in a small saucepan. Add gelatin and whisk or stir until fully dissolved. Add electrolyte powder and stir until dissolved. Add cold water and juice if using, stirring to combine. Fill wine glasses or other glass cups halfway, setting aside 1⁄3 cup of the mixture. Gently mix ⅓ cup of remaining gelatin mixture with the whipped cream in a separate bowl. Put the half-filled glasses and the whipped cream mixture in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Once chilled, top the gelatin in the glasses with the whipped cream mixture and sprinkle with strawberries and/or raspberries and more whipped cream. 

Essntial elements Hydration Variety Pack

V-Day Hydration Strawberry Lime Daiquiri


1 cup frozen strawberries 

1 stickpack Yuzu-Lime Hydration

1 ½ oz light rum (optional)

1-2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

1 tablespoons agave nectar

1-2 tablespoons of water if needed

(For a low-sugar option, replace the agave nectar with 1/2 tablespoon monk fruit sweetener or other sugar alternative)

Optional garnishes—Fresh strawberries, slices of lime, and/or a few fresh mint leaves


Add all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Add water a little at a time if it is too thick or to help it blend easier until you get to the desired consistency. Pour into glasses and top with garnishes. Enjoy!

The Essential Element

Even if you’re flying solo this year for Valentine’s Day, make it an excuse to whip up some electrolyte-packed treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth without the extra sugar. Take the time to make something extra special for your sweetie or to share with some friends. Either way, make sure you Get Hy for the big day, especially if you are planning to get hot and sweaty (from your workout of course!).

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