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12 Proven Turmeric Curcumin Benefits + Side Effects & Best Supplements

Turmeric is that vibrantly colored spice you recognize every time you eat curry. You won’t be surprised to find it in your spice rack, but you may not expect to see it in your medicine cabinet. However, turmeric has been used for centuries in ancient Indian and Chinese medicines to treat numerous ailments. It has recently begun to take the Western world by storm, too, as a natural and effective alternative to popular medications.

The health benefits of turmeric are derived specifically from its key compound, curcumin. This powerful compound possesses anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties that allow it to heal and treat many common health conditions. Regular supplementation can not only treat whatever is ailing you, but it can prevent certain serious diseases from even showing up.

The 12 Reasons You Need Turmeric

1. Fights Inflammation: The most powerful property curcumin has is the ability to reduce inflammation in your body. While the inflammatory response is a necessary part of your immune system, there are times when it can get out of control and cause serious damage. In fact, the most serious diseases we face, like heart disease and cancer, are linked to inflammation.

Studies have shown that using turmeric or curcumin supplements to treat inflammation is more effective than the leading NSAID medications in controlling inflammation. The added bonus is that curcumin, unlike NSAIDs, doesn’t have any known serious side effects.

2. Cancer Prevention: The impact curcumin has on cancer is one of the most researched topics right now. A common challenge that doctors face is that patients undergoing chemotherapy eventually develop a resistance. The presence of curcumin re-sensitizes the cancer cells to the drugs, thus improving treatment odds. Supplementation of turmeric with cancer treatments also helps to kill cancer cells and prevents them from growing.

3. Diabetes Management: The activation of enzyme AMPK is essential in diabetes management, and curcumin has been found to activate more of this enzyme than common diabetes medications. In addition to this, curcumin helps to   commonly associated with diabetes as well as reduce the inflammation that comes with the disease.

4. Detoxification: Your body is exposed to environmental and dietary toxins daily. As these accumulate in your body, your risk for cancer and inflammation increases. Your liver does a good job of detoxifying your body, but it can become overwhelmed with the level of exposure, allowing toxins to build up.

Turmeric is a natural supplement that assists your liver with the detoxification process and also reduces the number of free radicals in your system.

5. Prevent Blood Clots: Blood clots protect you from losing too much blood when injured. However, they can be dangerous for some individuals. A blood clot that becomes dislodged (thrombus) can travel to your heart, brain, or lungs, which can be fatal.

Studies have found that turmeric reduces the ability for platelets to aggregate, which reduces the likelihood of a clot forming. For those prone to blood clots or at risk for thrombosis, turmeric could be a natural and effective option.  

6. Healthier Skin: The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of curcumin promote healthy skin by reducing inflammation that causes many skin conditions. Curcumin can also be applied topically to speed up wound healing and soothe an assortment of skin irritations from rashes to more serious psoriasis flare-ups.

7. Arthritis Relief: Inflammation is the root of arthritis pain, and given the powerful anti-inflammatory powers of curcumin, it makes sense that the spice doubles as an effective arthritis treatment. Studies have shown that turmeric therapy has positive effects for arthritic individuals, who report improved mobility and reduction in pain and swelling.

8. Depression Treatment: Curcumin seems to have a positive effect on neurotransmitters associated with depression, making it a natural option to bring relief from symptoms of depression. With many antidepressants causing adverse side effects and sometimes making depression worse, a more natural alternative is an important discovery for mental health.

9. Improved Digestion: Inflammatory diseases, such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis can cause serious disruption to your digestive tract as well as discomfort.

Curcumin supplements control inflammation and reduces flare ups and intestinal damage that is associated with these conditions. Treatment with anti-inflammatory medication often worsens the situation, so the natural alternative of curcumin is a much better approach.

10. Cholesterol Regulation: High levels of cholesterol are one of the leading causes of heart disease, which is the country’s biggest killer. Traditional cholesterol drugs help but are known to damage your liver and kidney with prolonged use. These drugs do not actually target the root causes of oxidative stress caused by inflammation.

Curcumin not only scavenges the free radicals that cause oxidative stress, but it also reduces inflammation.

11. Natural Pain Relief: Turmeric not only helps relieve diabetic nerve and arthritis pain, but it delivers relief for pain associated with numerous conditions. Studies have shown that turmeric therapy helps bring relief from post-surgical pains, burns, sciatic nerve pain, and wound healing. Curcumin also seems to have a brain-balancing effect allowing it to reduce depression that is associated with severe pain.

12. Weight Management: Inflammation has links to obesity, which curcumin can help with. In addition to this, curcumin has been found to reduce growth of fat cells, which may help reduce fat storage and weight gain.

The bioavailability of turmeric is low, so adding some to each meal will not deliver the health benefits you seek. To improve your health or to specifically combat a health issue, you should take a turmeric supplement each day.

The Essentials

Be sure to get clinically-proven curcumin supplements to ensure you get the best quality and the most efficient results.

Turmeric is not known to have any serious side effects, making it a preferred solution to many of the top medications. Turmeric has been used for centuries to successfully heal and treat health problems. Research has put forward numerous studies to back up the ancient beliefs and traditions, making turmeric a popular alternative treatment option today.

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